torstai 8. syyskuuta 2016

Getting full error message from "docker service ps"

I was trying out docker swarm, network and services, and for some reason my nginx containers failed to start. Unfortunately, "docker service ps my-web" truncated the error, giving something like below
e5qw27qr4qbc9vrm68g3i9tl0   my-web.1  nginx  node3  Shutdown       Failed 2 seconds ago          "starting container failed: ca…"
There will be "--no-trunc" in version 1.13, which should resolve this. Meanwhile, using "docker inspect e5qw27qr4qbc9vrm68g3i9tl0" (id from docker service ps) gave the full error message.

In this case, the VM created with docker-machine did not have necessary pieces to connect secured network.