sunnuntai 7. elokuuta 2016

Ubuntu Xenial64 on Virtual Box and Vagrant

There was a lot of strange problems with ubuntu/xenial64, and in there is a mention by Seth Vargo (employee of Hashicorp)
The ubuntu/xenial64 box is built wrong and horribly broken. Please note that "ubuntu" is the name of a user, not a representation of a canonical source for ubuntu images. Please try bento/ubuntu-16.04 instead. Thanks.

These errors included following:

rejecting i/o to offline device
This happened almost everytime after heavier I/O operations, for example after loading Docker images.

stderr: Inappropriate ioctl for device
I think that this happened when Vagrant tried to setup network interfaces, mainly "enp0s8".

So just use bento/ubuntu-16.04

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