torstai 23. tammikuuta 2014

Weblogic with Docker: Insufficient disk space!

When installing WebLogic 10.3.6 in docker container, the installer complained that there wasn't enough disk space.

Insufficient disk space! The installer requires:
222MB for the BEA Home at /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1,
476MB for the product at /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/coherence_3.7,/opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/utils/uninstall/WebLogic_Platform_10.3.6.0,/opt/wls/Middleware11gR1/wlserver_10.3 and
1087MB temporary work space at /tmp/bea805456445130318772.tmp.
There is only 1MB available at /opt/wls/Middleware11gR1.

I think that Docker resizes filesystem as needed, so it is just the installer that gets confused. According
this check can be circumvented with -Dspace.detection=false.

As I'm playing around with Edmond Biemonds fantastic puppet modules (, I needed to have a way for adding this parameter into installation command. Luckily it was simple, and pull request has already been merged (