sunnuntai 19. syyskuuta 2010

Engineering management at Facebook

Yishan Wong has written a great article about engineering management at Facebook. You can read it at

Some quick thoughts about some of the major points

1. Hiring is number one
I couldn't agree more. This is one point which has come up on podcasts. They say pretty much the same thing: every manager should constantly look for new hires in his/hers networks. One reasons is that you don't want to be in situation where you have to hire someone, which can happen when you get a new project. That forces you to just get best one from the available candidates, whether he/she is good enough. But just like Voltaire said, "The perfect is the enemy of the good".

2. Let process be implemented by those who practice it
In Toyota Production System this is called "standardized work". But standardized doesn't mean standard. The process is constantly improved by its users, and standardization is used mainly for metrics ( It's funny how written word becomes a word of god so easily.

3. Promotion from within
One thing missing here is how external recruiting can effect to motivation. If there's a motivated and ambitious person in organization and he/she would like to move forward on his career, it's a pretty big hit to his/hers motivation if someone from outside gets that job he/she would've wanted.